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10-24-09, 11:45 am

Its been a while since I posted here, for multiple reasons. But I have to ask the question how could this have happened? This is both a telling of a story, and a looking for guidance. G diesel, and the rest of the crew if you read this do not think me a weak unmotivated sob looking for attention, I truthfully need a bit of advice.

When I started working out last year I was 6'3" tall, and 130 pounds. I was a twig. I ate as much as I could all of the time. Used three 10lb containers of weight gainer, drank 1000 calorie shakes that I made, I tripled all of my lifts, and went upto my heaviest weight of 170 pounds. I was feeling big and huge, getting stronger. Eight months at school lead into the summer, and with work, I could schedule my eating better, concentrated more on whole foods, and got even stronger. Then, as i had to assume would happen at some point. My whole life went to hell. My gran had a stroke and died, the girl who I was going to marry left me for her ex, I just sorta crumbled. I started smoking a pack a day again, and doing countless other drugs. I hate myself for it. I went from 170 pounds back down to 145. I lost all my muscle, and all my strength. My body has this ability to just rip weight off. It just wants to be light.

Somethings happened to my body over the course of the past year, and I still have no idea why. I'm going to be asking for some diet advice from you guys, but first you need to know what happened and why its been impossible to gain any weight at all. First I am lactose intolerant, so all dairy is out the window. My body seemingly cannot process anything with a saturated fat content of more then 15 grams in one sitting, so any fast food is out. I also can't eat beef, pork, or oatmeal, without spending half the day in bed holding my stomach from the gas pain, and the other half on the toilet. Peanut butter eaten in the morning, or anytime really more then a tbsp, has the same effect.

I ask you guys. Am I a lost cause? I basically have nixed most of all of your diets. I weighed myself this morning. 143 pounds. I hate myself for it. Hate. But I feel there is nothing that I can do. No matter what weight I achieve, if I stop eating as much, my body doesn't drop a couple pounds, but 15-20 pounds. No one can figure out why. I am on the brink of just saying, fuck it, I'm not even going to bother with eating anymore, as the money spent on food just seems like such a waste.

I just don't know what to do bro's. I think due to my stomach and my ability to loose stupid amounts of weight, lifting isn't something that I can do, and I think I may just have to walk away and deal with the anger. But fuck I hate quitting.


10-24-09, 12:34 pm

alright youve got two choices. choice one is simple. say oh i cant do it, i have too many things going against me, oh well, these are my excuses. choice two is you can look yourself in the mirror, look into your shiny little eyes and tell yourself your not about to take no for an answer. every day is a battle and it doesnt get any easier, but if you let every little problem you have rattle you and break you down your not gonna have much to be proud of in life....i suggest you choose option number two


10-24-09, 12:58 pm

body building staple of time...chicken and rice.

find what foods work for you, and eat a shit load of them. if you quit when it gets ruff, you LET your enemy win.

everything in life is hard, thats why only a few people actualy go places in life, while the majority of the flock of zombie like tapeworms go no where.

now im gonna say this cuz i have balls, i honestly feel that 90% of the human race do not matter when it comes down to it. we ARE NOT all created equally. most of the worlds population mean dick all to the majority. only a hand few are actualy established and succesful. it takes a certain quality to forge yourself into a succesful human being. its that "it" factor. this "it" factor is what seperates the winners from the loosers.
the few who do succeed in life are busting ass every day to reach their goals and don't have an ounce of quit in them.

are you gonna do something or quit , and be like the many who waste life?

Mr. Dead

10-24-09, 1:00 pm

Chicken, fish, rice, yams, veggies, and Ultra Iso Whey protein (It's lactose free...) Should be your friends, during this time... Eating plenty of those should get you back on the road...

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Oils can help here. Olive oil and Macadamia Nut Oil pack a calorie punch of awesome healthy fats. And they will keep you regular, but thats good and what they are supposed to do.

As was said already, experiment with what works for you. But be careful to not write anything off until you have tried it under many different conditions.


10-24-09, 3:44 pm

yeah all giving up is going to do is get you nowhere. me and my brother used to drink like fish. he wasnt legal at the time and i am not legal now but we both did it anyway because we had stresses in our lives and they numbed them. both of us joined my gym the same day. we both did mma for a little bit, then he powerlifted for a while and eventually joined me in bb. we both quit drinking that for the game... he even quit smoking and dipping for it. things get hard dude but the game is always here to keep you sane and you cant give up and take the pussy route. listen to the advice of all the fellas above and u will be in good shape.


10-24-09, 3:52 pm

If before all the sh*T hit you you were into lifting then now, you go, you lift, you're consistent about it even if it doesn't seem like it's making a damn bit of difference. It is, and it will, over time. Keep your training simple; take satisfaction that you DID clock in in the gym rather than think nah, I can't and then hate your self for skipping a session.


10-24-09, 5:56 pm

Come to the next Ontario ABC. PM me.


10-26-09, 6:07 am

thers only one more option open to you as far as bodybuilding goes. research a vegetarian bodybuilding diet. plus their is plenty of lactose free protein supplements.

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10-26-09, 9:07 am

I have the same exact problems as you in regards to food and I weigh 210 lbs.

I am lactose, I can not consume mass quantities of all the foods you listed because my stomach goes crazy as well. Except for peanut butter.

Guess What? I weigh 210 lbs. When I started training I weighed between 130-140 lbs.

No Excuses!

Protein: Eggs, Fish, Chicken

People have this idea that you cant grow on these foods and they are wrong as hell. Eggs has a full amino acid profile. Fish has loads of healthy fats. Chicken is easily digested by the human body. Take advantage of that.

Carbs: Eat yams, whole wheat pasta, or basmati rice

Fats: You dont have to eat peanut butter. There are other nuts like almond butter, primrose oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avacadoe, mac nut oil.


Start slowly again. Start eating 4 meals daily. Once you can do that and you stop growing add another one.

You did it before and you can do it again.


10-26-09, 11:38 am

Alright guys. Went to the gym on saturday night with a buddy of mine. He convinced me to come for his chest/tris day even just to spot him as last time he was there some idiot let 225 pounds drop on his chest. Once I was there, with all the familiar sounds and smells of the gym, I just had to lift. Had a stupid good time. I'm going back to hit legs with him tonight, and I talked to him about making it a solid routine and he said sure, as he likes to have a workout partner.

I used to hate fish, but since all this happened, I have been eating a ton of it. Also watching the Ox video where he talks about fish inspired me to try it, and its really damn good. Salmon, trout, perch, tilapia, all so good. I'm trying to bang out a menu here. This is how I was eating before mostly.

Meal 1 - 4 whole eggs, 2 pieces of whole grain toast, apple, glass of OJ

Meal 2 - Banana, whey shake

Meal 3 - Chicken/fish, pasta/rice/potatoes, some kind of vege, milk

Meal 4 - Whey shake (i dunno what else to put here for carbs, is it okay to eat 2 banana's a day)

Meal 5 - same as meal 3


Meal 6 - WM and whey shake

Meal 7 - not sure if this is required as i go to bed soon after i get home from my workout, but most people say to eat again.

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I know this is real rough, but im not sure what proportions I should be eating about stuff. I like to have variety, and get bored eating the same thing every day, but i would like to be at least somewhat consistent.


10-26-09, 11:43 am

What worked for you when you went from 130 to 170? Just get back on a similar track. Staples of mine in the offseason are: chicken, eggs, rice, potatoes (for what you can eat). Rely on those. Yeah, it might be bland, but it'll work, and that's what important. Fish is an excellent choice.

As far as proportions goes, start off with a certain amount and see how you feel. Are you still hungry? Add more. Are you extremely full? Then pull it back a bit. You should feel full, but not engorged. Stick with that until you stop gaining. Once you're no longer adding weight, then add a bit more protein to each meal.

N. Motta

10-26-09, 11:47 am

I hate to be Mr. Obvious here, but smoking a pack a day and doing 'countless other drugs' have NO place in a healthy lifestyle, let alone a bodybuilders lifestyle.

Based on what you have wrote so far, you know better than that. You ARE better than that.


10-26-09, 1:13 pm

Come to the next Ontario ABC. PM me.

Heh. Do this FOR SURE. Talk about motivation! The ABC here in Illinois definitely opened my eyes.


10-26-09, 1:35 pm

sounds like you have food allegries. go to an allergist and have a panel done. It may be only a few foods setting your body off and you can avoid them. The human body is meant to eat food and if you have trouble eating so many foods, you have something wrong. Another option may be digestive enzymes. Go see a doctor first, it may be as simple as avoiding certain foods.


10-26-09, 1:45 pm

(Video) When Completely Overreacting Goes Wrong | Archive 1

sounds like you have food allegries. go to an allergist and have a panel done. It may be only a few foods setting your body off and you can avoid them. The human body is meant to eat food and if you have trouble eating so many foods, you have something wrong. Another option may be digestive enzymes. Go see a doctor first, it may be as simple as avoiding certain foods.



10-26-09, 4:52 pm

I never post up on the forvm anymore, but i'm glad i stumbled across this thread.
Bro, if you think you have diet issues, your situation is PREMIUM compared to mine.

Foods I am unable to eat on a regular basis:
Any kind of potato
Rice, corn, wheat, oats, any other type of grain
Ground beef, ground turkey
Dairy (milk, etc) Not just from lactose, but from the milk proteins themselves.
Whey protein, Casein protien powders

Some of these are tolerable like once a week, such as a trip to ihop for an omlette every 2 weeks or so.

Usually, though, my diet consists of seafood, fruits, vegetables, and sweet potatoes (i've been eating sweet potatoes up until recently, when they started having negative effects on my body)

The point of all this?---It can be done. You just have to be willing to branch out for carb, fat, and protein sources, and know that maybe you won't see gains as quickly as a guy who can pound 50g protein in a whey shake immediately after every workout.


10-26-09, 8:16 pm

Come to the next Ontario ABC. PM me.

Quoted for truth. There's a thread going, it'd be my first one too man, love to see you there.

K Stro24

10-27-09, 12:42 am

as far as your lactose intolerance goes, many people are in the same ship, like myself. some have it worse than others, but what has helped me is iso whey since its lactose free. but recently, ive said fuck it, im not gonna be deprived of shit i wanna eat or drink bc my body cant take it, go buy a lactose supplement, i think i have lactaid brand pills. 60 of em for about 12 bucks is what it ran me. i wouldnt suggest popping one and then guzzling a gallon of milk tho, taking two seemed to help tho.

but what you have to remember, when push comes to shove, are you gonna walk away? will you cower in the face of fear, or overcome it? a coward dies a 1,000 times, a warrior dies once.


10-27-09, 6:55 am

(Video) IMG Sport Video Archive: What Happened Next

sounds like you have food allegries. go to an allergist and have a panel done. It may be only a few foods setting your body off and you can avoid them. ....

Putting ur body thru hell via the toxins in alcohol and drugs can also take its toll on ur CNS... if u experience a reaction to certain foods and lactose it may also be that uve killed off a lot of the beneficial bacteria in ur colon... doing a colon cleanse & supplementing with pro-biotics and fibre for a month or two may greatly benefit you...


What would have happened in Archive 81? ›

It's revealed that Dan's family was killed in a house fire after his father, who was Melody's psychologist, scavenged her tapes from the fire at The Visser. Dan's family was murdered to keep the tapes from being used to summon the God-demon. And it turns out that Dan's own survival was a mere accident.

How did Dan end up in 1994 Archive 81? ›

Samuel's sudden appearance tears Dan and Melody apart as Samuel forces Melody through the open portal, leaving Dan alone in the Otherworld. While Melody returns to the present unharmed, Dan is somehow sent back to an alternate reality where he is the sole survivor of the Visser fire.

Did Archive 81 really happen? ›

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What is the twist in Archive 81? ›

The nurses tell Dan that he was the only survivor, and it's then that he spots a tribute to Kurt Cobain on the TV. That's right. Dan managed to escape the other world, but presumably because of Samuel's meddling, he came back in the wrong time period, effectively swapping with Melody.

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Did Archive 81 end on a cliffhanger? ›

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Why do Netflix keep Cancelling shows? ›

It's created a growing graveyard of unfinished storylines in its library, which does not seem like something your “gut” would tell you to do, and many believe that this is mainly, instead, about data. Namely, there is one specific metric that keeps coming up over and over again: completion rate.

Is Archive 81 inappropriate? ›

Not for little kids

This show was incredibly good but very creepy and not for kids. It has a lot of demonic abs occult things in it so that's another thing that may worry parents having their children be exposed to that kind of stuff.

Who is Annabelle in Archive 81? ›

Anabelle is Melody's loyal roommate and best friend. After Melody becomes entrenched in the goings-on at The Visser, Anabelle's morbid interest leads her to danger.

Why did Beatriz claw her face? ›

After this, Beatriz starts to scream “No!” at the top of her lungs and proceeds to claw her skin, and finishes up by gouging out her own eyes. The very idea of this is making me want to shut my eyes in fear and never want to look at my TV screen again.

What horror podcast is Archive 81 based on? ›

Influences. Powell and Sollinger view Orson Welles' radio drama The War of the Worlds as an inspiration and influence for their work on Archive 81. The show has influences from the soft horror and paranormal horror popularized by 90s television series such as Twin Peaks and The X Files.

What year is Archive 81 set in? ›

Dan awakens in a hospital bed to discover the year is 1994, weeks after the Visser fire.

Is Dan hallucinating Melody? ›

Dan meanwhile, is still having trouble breaking into the locked room in the hidden part of the house. Even worse, he's hallucinating, seeing Melody out in the woods.

Why did Dan not go to heaven? ›

Chloe finds him and manages to say goodbye right before he dies. Later, Amenadiel finds out Dan went to hell instead of heaven, due to unresolved guilt he had from his time on Earth.

Why doesn t Dan go to heaven? ›

While searching for Dan's soul, Amenadiel comes to find out that he is not in Heaven, and is currently in Hell. When he tells Lucifer, it is determined that Dan had possessed guilt about his actions on Earth, which is why he isn't in Heaven.

What is Kaelego based on? ›

For anyone wondering whether Kaelego is based on anything real, Archive 81's showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine explained to The Wrap, “It is not [based on] anything except for my head.” To be honest, it's probably a relief to most viewers that Kaelego is purely fictional, because the idea of this being roaming around our ...

What is the demon statue in Archive 81? ›

The crew also crafted the statue of Kaelego - the fictitious demon god from another world that the Visser cult worships - and had fun posing with the statue and FX mockups of Kaelego as he attempts to enter our world.

Where did Annabelle go in Archive 81? ›

What does Anabelle do in Archive 81 season 1? Soon, Cassandra senses Anabelle is going to be a problem. So, she takes her under her wing and creates her into a fine Spirit Receiver. This happens when Anabelle comes in contact with the mold in the beautiful dark black paint.

Does Melody ever find her mother? ›

In the present day, Melody appears from the portal, but she is alone. She's reunited with her mom, but Dan's best friend Mark wants to know where Dan is. The scene cuts to Dan in a hospital bed, where he's been for two weeks.

What happens to Dan in Archive 81 podcast? ›

At the end of the season, Dromen cuts part of the device from Dan's body, and leaves Dan in a space between Earth and The City, until he can figure out away to make him "normal" again.

Why was 1899 cancelled? ›

Some suggested that 1899's demise came because its “completion rate”—a percentage of how many viewers actually finish watching a show—was reportedly below 50 percent. Others pointed out that the show is expensive. Some suggested it just got lost in the shuffle.

How is Dan able to talk to Melody in Archive 81? ›

At the end of Archive 81, Dan, with the aid of Melody's mother, who happens to be a Baldung witch, opens the portal to Kaelego's Otherworld and ventures within to extract Melody.

What happens to Rose in Archive 81? ›

Rose follows Iris into the basement, where she is asked if she is ready. Rose says she is and people wait for them at the basement. As part of her ritual, Iris slit Rose's throat.

Has Netflix ever brought back a Cancelled show? ›

Lucifer, Manifest, and Black Mirror have been huge shows Netflix revived or continued from other networks, but there are also plenty of instances where the roles are reversed. Here's a complete list of all the series renewed for additional seasons away from Netflix.

How long do you have Netflix after Cancelling? ›

When membership charges stop. You won't be charged again unless you restart your account. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can use Netflix until the account cancels automatically at the end of the billing period.

Why does Netflix cancel everything after 2 seasons? ›

Bela Bajaria, director of global programming at Netflix, explained that this was just a marketing strategy. He explains, “If you look at season twos and more, we actually have a renewal rate of 67%, which is industry standard,” Bajaria said, according to Deadline.

Who are the bad guys in Archive 81? ›

Payphone is a major antagonist in the third season of the horror podcast Archive 81. The Payphone is an incantation man unspecified magic practitioner, with an immense amount of power and an obsession of collecting body parts from victims of the incantation's loan shark enterprise.

What is the monster in Archive 81? ›

After so many decades of onscreen monsters, scary creature design has become a challenge. The Archive 81 team did a great job with Kaelego, though. The idol in the cult's possession offers a glimpse at Kaelego but doesn't do justice to his appearance. The creature is completely alien and looks sinister.

Is Dan stuck in the otherworld? ›

Dan, meanwhile, was not trapped in the Otherworld, but flung out back in the '90s after the apartment building burned down.

Who is the woman in the paintings in Archive 81? ›

We also find out that Cassandra is the one who has been poisoning Jess and Anabelle. The Spirit Receiver is putting that strange black mold into Jess's tea, and in the paint she gave Anabelle to use. She is doing her part and is the senior leader of Samuel's cult.

How was Archive 81 supposed to end? ›

The nurses tell Dan that he was the only survivor, and it's then that he spots a tribute to Kurt Cobain on the TV. That's right. Dan managed to escape the other world, but presumably because of Samuel's meddling, he came back in the wrong time period, effectively swapping with Melody.

What happened to the rat in Archive 81? ›

Unfortunately, the last such attempt leads to Ratty's death, much to Dan's distress. After being taken to The Outpost some months later, Dan brushes off Ratty's death, saying he was "just a rat", but privately admits missing having the little creature around the archive, if only to talk with.


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